How do i know if my moissanite is real?

How do i know if my moissanite is real?

        Determining whether a moissanite is real involves examining its characteristics and conducting various tests. Moissanite is a gemstone that closely resembles diamonds, so it's important to differentiate between the two. Here are some methods to help you determine if your moissanite is real:
  1. Refractive Index (RI): Moissanite has a higher refractive index than diamonds. You can use a refractometer to measure the gemstone's refractive index. The RI of moissanite is around 2.65, while diamonds have an RI of approximately 2.42.

  2. Brilliance and Fire: Moissanite tends to exhibit more brilliance and fire (rainbow-colored flashes) than diamonds. If you notice intense flashes of color, especially in bright light, it may indicate that you have a moissanite.

  3. Sparkle Test: Moissanites often have a different pattern of sparkle than diamonds. They may display a "disco ball" effect with flashes of color. Observing the sparkle pattern can be a subjective but helpful method. 

  4. Electrical Conductivity Test: Moissanite is a semiconductor and can conduct electricity to some extent. A jeweler can use a moissanite tester, which measures electrical conductivity, to determine if your stone is moissanite.

  5. Heat Test: Moissanite is heat-resistant, unlike some diamond simulants. You can use a heat source to test its resistance. Keep in mind that this test is not foolproof, and extreme heat can damage both diamonds and moissanites.

  6. Magnification: Examine the stone under a jeweler's loupe or microscope. Moissanite often has double refraction, meaning that you may see double lines or facets when viewing it through magnification.   

  7. Fluorescence: Some moissanites exhibit fluorescence when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. If your stone fluoresces, it may be an indicator of moissanite. However, keep in mind that not all moissanites exhibit fluorescence. 

  8. Professional Testing: If you are uncertain about the authenticity of your moissanite, consider taking it to a professional gemologist or jeweler who can perform advanced tests using specialized equipment.     

It's important to note that these tests may not be foolproof, and the best way to ensure the authenticity of a moissanite is to purchase it from a reputable and trustworthy source. If you're in doubt, seeking the opinion of a professional gemologist can provide more accurate results.
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