Which shape of moissanite diamond is best for you, have you chosen right?

Which shape of moissanite diamond is best for you, have you chosen right?

Let's take a look at one of them, and see what shapes of moissanite diamonds are available, so as to solve the problem of not knowing how to choose the shape of moissanite diamonds that exists in real life!

一:D VVS Round CUT


Round is the brightest and most classic cut. This shape typically has 57-58 facets and maximises the reflection of light entering the moissanite. The round cut symbolises roundness in the choice of the main stone for a wedding ring, making it the most popular cut shape.

二:Brilliant Square 

Bright squares have a larger table proportion than round diamonds due to the unique cut and a visually magnifying effect. Stones with this cut have a pyramidal shape, and the bevelled edges on all four sides fully reflect the light entering the moissanite, making it a very bright cut for square stones.

三:Drop shape / Pear shape

The teardrop shape, also known as the pear shape, is a unique hybrid cut that combines the curved contours of the round cut with the sharp corners of the olive shape, like a water drop, and possesses a brightness and fire similar to that of the brilliant round cut.

四:Cushion Cut

Cushion cuts, also known as cushion cuts, are square cuts with rounded corners. This shape allows the light entering the moissanite to be better diffused, visually hiding impurities within the stone, and the overall effect is crystalline, sparkling and beautiful.

五:Emerald Cut

The emerald cut is the most commonly used rectangular gemstone cut, named after the original attempt to avoid chipping the stone. Originating in 1920, this cut adds four corners to the faceted table cut, giving it a stepped shape when viewed from the side.

六:Oval Cut

The fire and lustre of an oval is similar to that of a round, and this cut preserves the maximum weight of the original moissanite stone. The facets of this cut are slightly larger and require more colour and clarity of the moissanite than the round.

七:Radiant Cut

Originating in the 19th century, the Radiant cut, also known as the Radiant, originally had a rhombic appearance and was once the most popular faceted shape. This cut has undergone many refinements, eventually combining the classic cushion appearance with the rectangular shape of the rough stone, making it ideal for wearers seeking a classic look.

八:Prince Cut

An Israeli diamond cutter invented the Princess Square cut based on the square, a patented cut that makes full use of the characteristics of the crystal shape, retaining the weight of the original stone to a great extent and visually magnifying the effect. The Princess Square Cut reminds people of Audrey Hepburn from its name, and its simple and fresh design is more suitable for young girls.

九:Asscher Cut

The Asscher cut has a vintage, restrained style that has become very popular in recent years. This faceted cut requires the same high level of clarity and colour, and is a unique cut that showcases the quality and character of moissanite, as well as being a distinctive choice for the sharp girl with a maverick streak.

十:Heart Cut

The heart cut is the most romantic of all gemstone shapes due to its heart-shaped silhouette. It is a fancy cut with very strict requirements for proportions and symmetry, and the heart shape is very costly to produce, making it relatively rare and hard to come by. The romance of the earliest heart cut gemstones dates back to the 16th century, making them perfect if you are planning a proposal or engagement.

十一:Marquise Cut

The marquise, also known as the horse's eye, is also one of the most personalised cut shapes, with its slender silhouette giving the stone a unique aura. For the same carat size, the peridot is visually larger than the other shapes, and its crystal clear fire reflects the jewellery in its setting, making the wearer's fingers look longer and more beautiful.

十二:Fat Triangle

The fat triangle is a relatively special cut shape, which is the predecessor base of the heart cut. Almost few jewellery brands will do a triangle cut, which is one of the characteristics of moissanite. If you are looking for uniqueness, you can't miss the sparkle of this different angle.

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